With the help of our worldwide partners we are providing specialized services to our satisfied customers


Container Off Dock Service



هلتحتاجإلىمساحةمستودعولكنلاتريدلشراءأواستئجار؟ليسلديكالوقتأوالقوىالعاملةلشحنأوتفريغ؟ نوفرلعملائنامستودعاتآمنةكاملةالخدماتعلىحدسواء،تخزينمؤقتاوطويلالاجل نقدمخدماتالتخزينالكاملةفي: جودةعاليةبالأمان التخزينالمؤقتاوطويلالاجل نظاملمراقبةالمخزونمتطور امردخول / معالجة تعبئةالحاوياتوتفريغها نظام التبريد والإمداد بالطاقة .


Refer plugging Facility

The facility has 60 reefer plug points supported by powerful and efficient generator to ensure uninterrupted power supply to maintain the required temperatures. Correct temperatures are maintained at all times by using requisite and specialised equipment.



We have a fleet of trailers, and can arrange the moment of cargo anywhere within the Saudi Arabia. our fleet consists of 60 trucks we have the gate pass to enter the 2 major Ports of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah and Rabig ports We have inter country to license to delivery any where in GCC.


Customs Clearance

NYC is your personalized Customs clearance professionals with 23 years of expertize, officially licenced to directly handle any shipments at Jeddah and Rabigh sea ports and Jeddah Airport. Our mission is to do custom clearance of import and export through any port in KSA quickly and easily. Also, we do delivery of goods to warehouses and stores of our clients.



PTI is an inspection conducted on an empty reefer container BEFORE RELEASE, to ensure the correct functioning of the cooling unit, temperature control and recording devices.. PTI also includes checking the container for structural damage, and ensuring that the inside of the container is clean and ready in all respect to receive cargo.


Container Repair

From minor adjustments to major repairs, ContainerPort Group can handle your M&R needs. Our experienced staff and professional mechanics know how to properly repair your equipment to your exacting requirements. We know the importance of having your equipment available for its next booking. From inspection to repair, ContainerPort Group delivers quality you can count on. We serve the ocean carriers, domestic carriers and neutral chassis pools.


Freight Forwarding

As one of the leading ocean freight forwarders, we concentrate our significant purchasing power on a portfolio of strategic carrier partners to ensure we have the space allocations and competitive pricing that you demand worldwide. We offer reliable port-to-port and door-to-door transit times consistently throughout the year. Our excellent network professional an international charter, brokers, agents, owners and ship managers around the world enables us to maintain an accurate account of current market levels and future market movement. Operations access at all main ports in K.S.A. and NYC, combined with the latest information technology links and close cooperation with all shipping lines, enable us to provide efficient global sea freight service at the most competitive rates. Whether it is small personal effects shipments to automobiles on roll on / roll off (Ro/Ro) or even out sized Project Cargo, NYC can handle it from terminal to terminal or from door to door. We deliver your demands as your real time partner to provide optimum satisfaction.

We Offers
  • Sea freight Export & Import
  • Air freight Export & Import
  • Ro / Ro (roll on – roll off)

Stuffing & Re-Stuffing

We handle consolidating cargo at terminal. This includes sea, air and road freight. Consolidation service typically involves the cargo transportation to the stuffing point, stuffing of cargo in container, custom process of shipping documents, and finally re-packing if necessary for delivery.